Gaspard Dughet and San Martino ai Monti.



Storia dell’arte  [26] | Gennaio – Aprile 1976

Susan J. Bandes

Gaspard Dughet and San Martino ai Monti.

The church of San Martino ai Monti, situated on the Esquiline hill, is one of the major churches of the Order of the Calced Carmelites in Rome and it was in the seventeenth century several times the meeting place of the chapter general of the Order Giovanni Antonio Filippini, the Prior of the church, was responsible for the extensive redecoration of San Martino begun in 1642 and completed in 1655. Many
artists were commissioned by Filippini for this project, and among them was the landscape painter Gaspard Dughet, the brother-in-law of Nicolas Poussin. From late 1647 until May of 1651 Dughet was at work painting landscape frescoes in the church. His frescoes, together with two others by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, form a cycle of eighteen decorating the two aisles of the basilica.

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