The kyōka Books of Tsutaya Jūzaburō



Storia dell’arte n. 27, Maggio – Agosto 1976
Dedicato alla grafica giapponese

David Chibbett

The kyōka Books of Tsutaya Jūzaburō

The origins of kyōka poetry are obscure. The term kyōka which literally means ‘mad waka’ dates back to at least the end of the ninth century where it was used in the work of waka theory Kisenshiki and forms of kyōka under various different names such as hinaburi, ebisu-uta and zaregota-uta are to be found in many of the ancient classical anthologies of Japanese poetry. Other poems which can be seen as antecedents of thef kyōka  were written in the Kamakura and Muromachi period also, often as incidental parts of prose or fiction works, but it was not until the early Edo period (1603-1868) that kyōka can be said to have emerged as a genre of poetry.

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