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Un inedito san Sebastiano di Giovanni Baglione




Storia dell’arte n. 155-156 – Nuova Serie 1/2 | 2021

Stefania Macioce

Un inedito san Sebastiano di Giovanni Baglione

The significant role of Baglione’s pictorial activity in the Roman context in the first half of the Seventeenth Century, is always open to new suggestions from the initial Caravaggio’s influence on the Baroque.
The church of Santa Maria dell’ Orto in Rome is the site of various pictorial interventions by Baglione in different years. It is in this context that the painter realizes the unpublished version of San Sebastiano, coming from the Bolognetti’s collection. This painting derived from the altarpiece signed and dated 1624 with the San Sebastiano edited by the angels for the church of Santa Maria dell ‘Orto.

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