«VEL AC SI veritas»



Storia dell’arte 151-152, Gennaio-Dicembre 2019

Carlo Ossola

«VEL AC SI veritas»

Carlo Ossola, in his VEL AC SI veritas, proposes a subtle interpretatio nominis, recognizing the anagram of Maurizio Calvesi’s surname in the incipit of a latin phrase – “vel ac si veritas, cum incommode esse incipit, veritas amplius non sit” – that gives the title to this text.
The author traces the occurrences of the ancient adage in various sources dealing with the concept of truth and this refined discussion becomes a reason to pay homage to that search for the truth that characterizes Calvesi’s hermeneutic battles. Among them, Il Sogno di Polifilo Prenestino, dedicated to Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, and the so-called Papyrus of Artemidorus reveal an acute and solitary intelligence and are worth of specimens of Calvesi’s philological accuracy and deep critical interpretation.

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