La sala dell’Aurora

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Storia dell’arte n. 157 – Nuova Serie | 2022
Numero dedicato a “Guercino nel Casino Ludovisi 1621 – 1623” a cura di Daniele Benati, Barbara Ghelfi, Raffaella Morselli

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Giulia Iseppi

La sala dell’Aurora

The essay analyzes with some new reflections the mural decorations in the Sala dell’Aurora by Guercino commissioned by the cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi for his Casino in 1621.The different phases of the work of the painter from Cento, the Chariot of Aurora, and the side lunettes with the representations of Day and Night, are analyzed through the edited documents and the succession of sketches and preparatory drawings, preserved in different collections. By crossing these elements, the complex iconographic question, the chronology of the paintings and the still unresolved question of a possible iconographic consultant are brought to light.