Committenza e collezionismo di donna Felice Orsini Colonna


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Storia dell’arte  [154] Nuova Serie 2 | Luglio – Dicembre 2020

 Rosalia Francesca Margiotta

Committenza e collezionismo di donna Felice Orsini Colonna

The unpublished letters from Felice Orsini Colonna’s personal correspondence highlight the pivotal role of this noblewoman as one of the protagonists of the late Italian Renaissance, and a sophisticated commissioner of artworks during her stay in Sicily. Through the study of the Vicereine’s correspondence, it is also possible to understand her fondness for works by Trapanese craftsmen, particularly those made of coral, as well as her collaboration in the restyling of the private quarters of the Royal Palaces in Palermo and Messina.
The unpublished post-mortem inventory testifies to the fine handicrafts collected by the Roman noblewoman: from precious furniture and fabrics to paintings, silver, and refined jewelry.

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