La stanza dei paesaggi

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Storia dell’arte n. 157 – Nuova Serie | 2022
Numero dedicato a “Guercino nel Casino Ludovisi 1621 – 1623” a cura di Daniele Benati, Barbara Ghelfi, Raffaella Morselli

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Pasquale Stenta
La stanza dei paesaggi


On occasion of the new arrangement of Casino’s rooms, cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi recruited a team of expert landscapers for the decoration of the archway sited in the small leisure room next to the Aurora’s lounge, known as the Sala del Caminetto. The reinterpretation of the frieze with four aquatic landscapes by Paul Brill, Giovanni Battista Viola, Domenichino and Guercino, also referred to the reconstruction site of the whole mansion and its gardens, allowed the reconnection of these murals to the same iconographic topos well-known in the XVI-XVII century Rome, designed to solemnise the power of the family which had ascended to the Papal Throne. The analysis of both the site and the painters who were involved, and their relations with the cardinal-nephew led to a hypothetical dating of the works comparing them to the other decors of the Casino and on the assignments that were already taken up by the masters in that time frame.