Dopo la Notte l’Aurora. Guercino nel IV centenario del pontificato Ludovisi


Storia dell’arte n. 157 – Nuova Serie | 2022
Numero dedicato a “Guercino nel Casino Ludovisi 1621 – 1623” a cura di Daniele Benati, Barbara Ghelfi, Raffaella Morselli

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Alessandro Zuccari

Dopo la Notte l’Aurora. Guercino nel IV centenario del pontificato Ludovisi

This issue of “Storia dell’arte” gives an account of the Guercino’s wide-ranging investigation of the painter between 1621 and 1623, in his crucial years as an ‘outsider’ in Rome. Specialists in these subjects-appropriately involved in the research – have related considerable news not only about the relationship of Guercino with Rome, the patrons, the site directed by Agostino Tassi, his colleagues from Bologna and from Romagna, those in Rome and the literati in the entourage of the Pope and cardinal nepote. They investigate also on the relationship with the collections of ancient paintings and sculptures set up in the splendid building and on the influence that these had on the iconographic and stylistic choices of the painter from Cento, also examining the legacy that his pictorial interventions have sedimented in the connoisseurs of the following centuries, in artistic literature and in more recent studies. The trajectories that emerged from such research allow us to understand the innovative scope of those works by Guercino, but also his amazement and even bewilderment before the plurality of stimuli that Rome could offer in the transition from one pontificate to another. Two years of immersion total was enough for Guercino, enriched by that extraordinary experience, to choose to Cento.